Join me, Michelle Barone, in 2015 for my 3rd Unschooling Summit where I put together experts that will inspire, motivate and support you in your unschooling journey .

Have you ever wondered… “How can I make the homeschool or unschool lifestyle work for my family?”

Whether you’re an experienced unschooler, a current homeschooler or considering your options for your public school children, you’ll want to sign-up for the FREE 2015 Unschooling Summit monthly interviews. I’ve already lined up Scott Noelle, Amy Harrington, Blake Boles, Sue Patterson, and Amy Childs, just to name a few. Let go of the fear, step into knowing and empower yourself with inspiring interviews from incredible experts who are here to inspire and support you.

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These monthly interviews will provide information and options for parents who:

  • Realize the education paradigm has shifted and that children need more than rigid or ‘pigeonholed’ curriculum’s for real-world success.
  • Are dissatisfied with the current parenting and education “experts” who try to pigeonhole your choices.
  • Desire to educate and empower their whole child—mind, body and spirit.
  • Long to expose their children to more experiences and opportunities not afforded by ‘traditional’ education.
  • Want a closer, deeper, heart-centered relationship with their children and be fully present as they move through the milestones of their lives.
  • Need some clear steps that take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Get Inspired and Unlock Your Family’s Potential

Whether you have a clear vision in your mind of how you want your family life to be, or you just know in your gut that conventional parenting and education wisdom just isn’t the right fit – you need guidance that goes above and beyond.

The amazing thing about carving your own path is the freedom you have to choose the education and lifestyle options that work best for you. But often that same freedom can be paralyzing – you wonder “Am I making the right choices?” or “How can I transform our reality into the vision that I know is possible?”

One size doesn’t fit all!

25 years ago I made the decision to unschool my children (now thriving adults!) and as an unschooling mentor/therapist, I see the power and transformation this lifestyle brings. I also know how much I struggled to find the right support in the “early days” of heart-centered learning. It was difficult to reach out for support when so very few experts – or other parents – understood what I was trying to accomplish with my children and my family. Fortunately, we’re living in an amazing time! Education and family lifestyle options are transforming before our very eyes. There are more resources than ever before to support you on your path.

Unlimited Possibilities

Carving your own path isn’t always easy, but with the right guidance and inspiration you can make the right choices for you and transform your family life. For this FREE 2015 Unschooling Summit I’m pulling together amazing experts who will inspire, educate and motivate you to make the choices for your individual family so everyone can thrive.

Supporting our mind, body and spirit is at the foundation of the lifestyle of unschooling. It is deep connection and value of honoring ourselves and our gifts. We partner with our children as we provide loving guidance as they explore the world.


Every day more and more parents are choosing this option. I made this choice for my family 25 years ago and my commitment to supporting families on this journey has never waned. I witness the benefit of this lifestyle every day! I love sharing this information, talking with like minded people who see the deep value of this journey.

I am excited for you to join me on a monthly basis to get the support and connection that will help you thrive! I created the FREE 2015 Unschooling Summit so each month you will have a new expert interview to listen to at your convenience and for FREE.

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